I came to kinesiology because I have always had an enquiring mind, I could never just accept something just because someone said it.
Through my life I have dealt with my emotions and experiences as many people do by suppressing and dumbing down, anything but really face up to it, it'll hurt too much, let's just put a plaster on it, that'll make it feel better!

If you think about it everything that happens in our lives effects our emotions, how we "feel". Our emotions effect our energy systems, and over a period of time, if the experience is repeated and repeated, will cause an energy block and get "stuck" within the body. Eventually as the body gets ready to release this energy block that no longer serves its wellbeing, symptoms develop and we have a choice :- do we allow it to release though illness? do we help ourselves by seeking out a therapy to enable us to help ourselves to release it? or do we go and get something like a pill to dumb it back down again?

When you think of any experience in your life and really go into that feeling there will always be an emotion attached to it. Have you ever experienced a sudden sadness that overwhelms you? a sudden rise of anger that comes from no where? an immediate sense of joy or wellbeing when you go back in your mind to a time when you were very happy, doing something, being with someone, living somewhere? My questioning mind asks "why do I feel such pain and sadness? where am I feeling it, when did it start?"

Somewhere in the Library/Computer of my Being I have the answer.

Creative Kinesiology is an amazing way of accessing that place and the emotion, and by helping to bring it to the surface, you enable the body to release it. This work is all about balance, and by balancing the energy systems within your body, you are able to keep your body at it's optimum level of wellbeing.

So often we feel about the beginning of a new year, it's a good time to spring clean our homes and clear out outdated, unwanted belongings. Why not think of this time as the ideal year to start to clear out all that unwanted, outdated emotional baggage that has accumulated over the years.

With the new energies coming in of illumination, bringing so much hidden darkness to the light, What better time could there be?
I work at my home in Salcombe,- Tel; 01548843197 mobile: 07966545379, and at the Totnes Natural Centre, The Plains, Tel; 01803864587 where I do private and donation sessions.( for private please ring me direct, for donation please ring the centre ). The Centre is also on my links page

Please do ring and chat about my charges and concessions.
I look forward to hearing from you, Fleur